Concert Attire


Concerts are our opportunity to showcase the result of our hard work. We dress up because:

  1. Dressing in proper concert attire prepares the performers psychologically, to play their best.
  2. The audience’s experience and opinion of the band begins with their visual perspective.
  3. Wearing concert attire reinforces to students the lifestyle of appropriate dressing, as the activity dictates. This practice will serve them well as they journey through their lives.

The goal is to look sharp and uniform.  Clothing should be wrinkle free, clean and worn with pride.  Please take the time to groom well for these performances. If you need help acquiring the following components, please inform the band director.

Required Concert Attire:

  • Black dress pants or skirts (skirts must be below the knee, no jeans)
  • Black dress shoes (no sneakers)
  • Black socks for men
  • Stockings or black socks for women
  • White button up dress shirt for men
  • Tie for men
  • White modest top for women (no bare shoulder/low necklines)